KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection

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KGF is finally showing a more positive result in Box Office after the movie received some extra screens. As compared to 11th Day, KGF 12 Day collection was better and we saw a straight 2 Cr growth. On 13 Day KGF grossed 6 Cr and on its 14th Day is expected to be better. In this post, we are going to check KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection.

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KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection

As said, there is a huge growth seen in the 13th Day and that is all because of the extra screens. After seeing huge growth, we are expecting that KGF 14 Day Box office collection will be better.

The major growth that we saw was in Hindi Speaking states. It is expected that on its 14th Day, will gross somewhere around the same as 13th Day. This ensures that KGF Box Office Collection by 2nd Week will cross 200 Cr. This is going to be Yash‘s highest grossing movies.

Let’s see how KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection in every part of India and worldwide.

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KGF Day 14 Collections Karnataka

  • Karnataka has a huge fanbase for Yash we are expecting that the 14th Day for KGF will be positive.
  • Considering KGF performance in Karnataka, on the 14th Day the movie is expected to gross around 1 Cr.

KGF Movie 14th Day Collection In Tamil Nadu 

  • We saw a good improvement in Tamil Nadu and it seems that people who have watch Maari 2 will now go for KGF.
  • As compared to 13th Day, there is a huge opportunity that KGF will gross around 7 lakh.

KGF Fourteenth Day Collection in AP/TS

  • We have seen a better improvement for KGF in AP/TS. KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection in AP & TS has Collected Gross of 10 Lakh.

KGF 14th Day Collection in North India (Hindi) 

  • As compared to the last we days we have seen huge growth for KGF in Hindi speaking states.
  • On its 14th Day, KGF has Collected Gross of 1.20 Cr as its total collection.

KGF 14th Day Box Office Collection In USA 

  • There is no doubt that KGF is doing great in the USA and other countries. 14th Day is a working day, we are expecting less grossing from the USA. KGF in the USA has Collected Gross of 8 lakh on its 14th Day.

KGF Day 14 WorldWide Collection

We might see a drop in KGF 14th Day Box Collection worldwide. But by the weekend, KGF is expected to cross more. As of now, KGF 14th Day Worldwide Box Office Collection has Collected Gross of 3.8 Cr.

Karnataka1 Cr
Tamil Nadu0.08 Cr
AP & TS0.10 Cr
USA0.08 Cr
North India1.20 Cr
Worldwide3.8 Cr

KGF 2nd Week Box Office Collection

8th Day0.25 Cr0.15 Cr2 Cr0.10Cr1.25 Cr5 Cr
9th Day0.20 Cr0.13 Cr2.5 Cr0.10Cr1.5 Cr4 Cr
10thDay0.18 Cr0.12 Cr3 Cr0.10Cr2.25 Cr7 Cr
11thDay0.15 Cr0.10 Cr1.8 Cr0.06Cr1.7 Cr4.5 Cr
12thDay0.18 Cr0.015Cr2 Cr0.15Cr2.25 Cr6 Cr
13thDay0.15 Cr0.10Cr1.5 Cr0.10Cr1.3 Cr4.5 Cr
14thDay0.10 Cr0.07 Cr1 Cr0.08Cr1.2 Cr3.8 Cr
Total 2nd Week Collections1.21Cr0.82 Cr13.8 Cr0.69Cr11.90Cr34.8 Cr

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