Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop, Review

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Sandakozhi 2 Review and Box Office Collections

Sandakozhi 2  is a Tamil action-drama Movie written and directed by N. Lingusamy. This Movie is a sequel to the successful Vishal’s 2005 Movie Sandakozhi. In this post, we are going to see Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection and Review.

Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection

Sandakozhi 2 Released in around 400 screens. This movie had managed to generate positive buzz around it. The movie promos and audio had helped draw the viewers’ attention towards the movie. People had high hopes for this movie.  These are helping the movie to get a good opening at the Tamil Nadu box office. Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection has grossed over 4.5 Cr in Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection.

The movie has met with mixed reviews. Yet the trade trackers are hopeful of the movie faring well in collection centers, considering the holiday weekend.

Sandakozhi 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection 

Sandakozhi 2Collection (Cr)
Sandakozhi 2 1st Day Collection5.40
Sandakozhi 2 2nd Day Collection3.84
Sandakozhi 2 3rd Day Collection4.20
Sandakozhi 2 4th Day Collection3.72
5th Day Collection2.52
6th Day Collection2.11
7th Day Collection1.69
8th Day Collection1.44
9th Day Collection1.21
10th Day Collection1.32
Total Collection62.00

Sandakozhi 2 Tamil Box Office Collection

Sandakozhi 2Collection (Cr)
Sandakozhi 2 1st Day Collection4.50
Sandakozhi 2 2nd Day Collection3.20
Sandakozhi 2 3rd Day Collection3.50
Sandakozhi 2 4th Day Collection3.10
5th Day Collection2.10
6th Day Collection1.76
7th Day Collection1.41
8th Day Collection1.20
9th Day Collection1.01
10th Day Collection1.10
Total Collection42.00

Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

We have seen that most of the south movies get released in October 2018. There might be huge footfall for this movie and there are more chances to get hit on the box office. As per previous movies they did perform well at the box office.  Here is the prediction view of Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection considering both positive and negative.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
1st day8 Cr5 Cr
2nd day10 Cr4 Cr
3rd day12 Cr3 Cr
Opening weekend30 Cr12 Cr
Total60 Cr30 Cr

Sandakozhi 2 Review

The main story of this movie is the Death Risk for a young man (Anbu) during a festival and the Hero saving the young man and keeping the peace intact during the week-long thiruvizha that the seven villages of the place are conducting after a gap of seven years. This movie is a Full commercial Masala Movie like its predecessor released in 2005.

In this movie the hero, other characters compare Balu (Vishal), and his father  Durai Ayya (Rajkiran) to loins and they also behave the same way.

The romantic track of the film is very entertaining. The Lead Female (Keerthi Suresh) has given a very good performance and kept the movie interesting. Peechi played by Varalaxmi, in spite of her good performance, does not have much role in the movie and does not seem to be a threat.

Sandakozhi 2 Highlights

  • Hero Vishal’s Performance
  • Keerthi Suresh Refreshing performance
  • Commercial Masala Story

Sandakozhi 2 Drawbacks

  • Hari’s Character is clueless
  • Songs without context in Second Half
  • Limited Role for Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar

Sandakozhi 2 Hit or Flop?

Sandakozhi 2 movie was made with the Budget of 30 Cr and its Box Office Collection has already reached 62 Cr. This indicates that the Sandakozhi 2 is a Hit. Whereas public reaction is a concern, Sandakozhi 2 was loved by everyone and Vishal’s acting was at its best. As compared to Sandakozhi 2 Box Office Collection, Sandakozhi 2 is a clear hit movie of 2018.

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